Wednesday, 16 August 2017

French Knights for Crecy.

My contribution to The Bodkins Crecy demo game, at The Other Partizan next Sunday, is relatively modest compared to the other players. I have bulked out some very old mounted French knights which I did about 20 years ago with some additional bases.

These are mainly Foundry riders on Front Rank mounts, which with a little bit of judicious cutting and filing, seem to fit Ok despite the horses being big sculpts. The horses are nice active poses and so create the sense of movement of charging French nobility needed for the game - plus they also fit those that David Imrie and Matt Bickley have done.

So 12 bases of knights charging recklessly to their fate, and 4 bases of passive Front Rank figures awaiting in the vanguard . Much of the painting has been done at some speed to meet the deadline and I've made liberal use of LBMS transfers on 1st Corps shields, whilst avoiding heraldic beasts where I can. Conversions have been kept to a minimum too, apart from adding some plastic visors and headswops.

If you're going to the show, please do come along and say 'hi', it's always great to meet blog followers.
I will take photos and do a posting about the game.

...also I have some surplus Foundry caparisoned horses, if anyones interested...!!


Friday, 11 August 2017

Pavise wagons for Crecy

So the Bodkins game at The Other Partizan show in Newark on 20 August, will be Crecy - the first land battle in the Hundred Years War of 1346.

Several other Bodkins have been working on this game for a couple of years; growing their collections of English and French for the mid fourteenth century. My contribution is relatively modest and I'll post more on these next week as I complete them - as well as pictures of the game itself.

First up are a couple of carts carrying the pavises of the crossbowmen from the Italian peninsular, who were employed by King Phillip VI of France via Genoan captains for the campaign, since the English invaded in July 1346 and besieged Harfluer. At the battle the French were confident of victory and ordered the crossbowmen to advance and screen the French noblemen, without the protection of their pavises which had not been unloaded from the baggage. Consequently the crossbowmen took heavy casualties from the opposing English longbows and started to retire, only to then be ridden down by the first wave of attacked mounted French knights!

The wagons are existing ones and I've simply added mix of Claymore Miniatures metal pavises, with LBMS transfers, and plastic Perry ones sandwiched in between the bundles to bulk them out. I decided (based on a lack of visual evidence) that the paves may have been strung together when moved on wagons. These will just be placed on the wagons for the game.
Seems to work OK...